Jan. 24th, 2013

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so guess who went down with a migraine last night around about, oh, 8pm?

i woke up this morning still with the migraine, rather baffled as to the source of the thing as normally they're triggered and also i haven't had one in months and months and the last one was a contact migraine from a friend rather than my own.

eventually i realised that, oh hey, right side of my jaw's been pissed at me for the past day and a half at least and started poking at my jaw and went holy shit that's a mess. and then i called SWIHA and scheduled an appointment before work and the nice man worked on my face and neck and shoulders and he poked my feet for the reflexology effects but mostly it was my face and neck and shoulders.

my face and neck and shoulders were very sore and achy and misery-inducing afterwards (no, he didn't do a lot of deep pressure, just a lot of working points and energy work and getting the muscles to relax a bit) but on the bright side the migraine had ratcheted down about, oh, 85%! i could be functional indoors without sunglasses and a headscarf!

oh my god though my neck and shoulders and face are a mess what the hell even. my face has never been like this, i do not even know what i did -- i don't clench my jaw so wtf what even. dinner was interesting. though despite the soreness? chewing was still less painful than my meals yesterday were.

i am contemplating drowning myself in a hot tub at my next opportunity, just so i can get my face and neck too. #dreamwidth suggested a snorkel? that could work.

i have scheduled an appt next week at SWIHA as well and i guess i will sort my damn health insurance out and see if i can schedule something with my chiro and... try to take better care of myself. eesh. /o\


truelove: an orange tabby cat looking down, to the left, away from the camera (Default)

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