truelove: An adult human female is upside down, hanging from a harness of aerial silks.  One leg is crossed over the silks over her head and the other is wrapped in a silk and being pulled down behind her back and head in a scorpion position. (aerial, circus, silks)

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I am a 29 year old woman living in Mesa, Arizona. I am married and live with my husband as well as another married couple; between us, we have three cats.

I'm a biology w/ pre-med major at MCC. I also am a bit of a film and television geek, having gone to film school via osmosis (my best friend attended SCC's film program). On this journal I talk about clothes, body imagery, science fiction and fantasy, television and film, writing, and occasionally school. I might occasionally talk about other things as well, who knows!

I do not lock any content and therefore do not grant access; do feel free to subscribe and unsubscribe as it pleases you.

You may be looking for my professional journal: it can be found over at [personal profile] ftfisher.

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