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So, you know, since I'm trying to expand my 8g jewelry so I've got more choices and can pair to outfits and mood and whatever, I went wandering through BAF's 8g section and pulled links for all the stuff that caught my eye. This is basically just a wishlist/reference of the kinds of things that I like in earrings -- anything with a * really caught my eye or is something I am planning on picking up eventually. (Some of them's kinda spendy and/or unique so, you know, realistically I'm not going to pick up all the stuff I have starred even over the long haul.)

Horn infinity helix*
Bone Butterfly
Fan-shaped wood spiral
Fossilized walrus bone squid weights*

Dichro swirl glass spiral (Body Tribe)
Black horn peacock (Buddha Jewelry)
Arang wood Icarus (Urbanstar)*
Glass spirals - Matte black (Gorilla Glass)

Mother of pearl snowflake (Evolve)
Mother of pearl waves (Evolve)
Black horn Love (Evolve)

Saba wood Season (leaves) (Oracle)
Bone harp (Oracle)*
Black horn bow and arrow (Oracle)
Saba wood hibiscus (Oracle)

Pyrex glass Fox Tail - Peacock (Somatic)*
Pyrex glass Fox Tail - Black/aqua (Somatic)

Pyrex glass squids - Squid ink (Glass Heart Studio)
Blue moon drop spiral curls (Glass Heart Studio)
Drop spiral hooks - Black and white pinstripe (Glass Heart Studio)
Mini drop spiral curls - Squid ink (Glass Heart Studio)*

Black shell Bela (Diablo Organics)
Bloodwood French Swan (Diablo Organics)
Ebony wood Eve (Diablo Organics)
White shell Flock hanging (Diablo Organics)
Black shell Cradle (Diablo Organics)
Solid brass feather (Diablo Organics)
Solid brass lea (Diablo Organics)
Brass octopus hanging (Diablo Organics)*
Patina brass large mandala hanging (Diablo Organics)
Patina brass laurel hanging (Diablo Organics)
Hanging feather - Violet Smoke (Diablo Organics)
Hanging feather - Fumace (Diablo Organics)
Bloodwood lea (Diablo Organics)*
Brass Eye of Shiva (Diablo Organics)
Tiger ebony Cradle (Diablo Organics)
Tiger ebony Luve (Diablo Organics)
Tiger ebony lea (Diablo Organics)
Silver floating ammonite dangles (Diablo Organics)*
Solid brass Puj Ju pendant dangles with yellow tiger eye (Diablo Organics)*
Amboyna burl wave crests (Diablo Organics)

Arang wood Chaos (Maya Jewelry)*
Tewel wood Leaf (Maya Jewelry)
Bloodwood Maxa (Maya Jewelry)
Black horn Chasing the Dragon (Maya Jewelry)*
Zebrawood Rapunzel (Maya Jewelry)
Indonesian ebony wood Bintang (Maya Jewelry)
Zebrawood Transam (Maya Jewelry)*
Tewel wood elfin (Maya Jewelry)*
Tewel wood nabulla (Maya Jewelry)
Bone aloha (Maya Jewelry)
Black horn Xochitl (Maya Jewelry)*
Bloodwood Tattle-Tail (Maya Jewelry)*
Solid copper 2nd Chakra (Maya Jewelry)
Arang wood Hana (Maya Jewelry)
Indonesian ebony Sangha (Maya Jewelry)*
Arang wood Vetiver (Maya Jewelry)

Ebony wood Mollusk (Tawapa)
Ebony wood hanging rose (Tawapa)
Black horn flourish twist (Tawapa)*
Golden horn flourish twist (Tawapa)
Black horn open heart (Tawapa)*
Sabo wood long fan (Tawapa)*
Golden horn Odette (Tawapa)
Ebony wood cherry blossom hoops (Tawapa)*
Black horn and brass Galileo weights (Tawapa)*
Saba wood peacock feather (Tawapa)
Amboyna burl wave crests (Tawapa)
Bone Axl (Tawapa)*
Black horn flamenco fan (Tawapa)*

And then, for my own reference, I want to pick these up next paycheck if they're still available then: Gold Wisteria.

Oh hey, since I tagged this wishlist, a note in general for anyone who might be looking to give me jewelry:

Organics (ie, horn, wood, etc.) are fine, and so are silver and gold, but stainless steel is best avoided as I'm sensitive to even the high quality stuff.
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