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I work at a casino resort at the hotel front desk; everyone told me New Year's Eve is a madhouse.

Well, okay, the casino's jam-packed, and certainly we had a lot of check-ins. But here's the amazing thing: we were staffed really well for it!

This made for a very chill evening. Especially when I compare it to Labour Day, which was pretty nearly as busy, only we were desperately understaffed: it was just me, my manager (who was the hospitality manager on duty that night, to boot), and the two newest front desk hires. Lovely women, both of them, and they're great, but at the time they hadn't gotten the hang of everything yet. (Our software is... opaque, at times. I say that advisedly, as someone with an ungodly amount of experience with hotel property management software.) This job's hardly stressful (really, any job is hardly stressful comparred to the tech support helljob of 2010), but I got off work the Friday of Labour Day Weekend and had a small meltdown.

So, you know, New Year's Eve? This is nothing. This is amazing. This has been a fantastic workday.

(Of course, I say that being the person getting off in an hour at 2300, before the drunks come out in force. I imagine graveyard front desk may end up having a different opinion than me!)
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So I work at a software company. The software we make, we also support. I am one of the support monkeys.

We, the support monkeys, need to get into the databases of our clients on a regular basis and so I have acquired a working knowledge of SQL queries and update statements. This has in turn led to me acquiring a working knowledge of our databases's structure. Those of you who know programming probably can see where this is headed, generally.

For the rest of the class, first, you have to understand, the records we create in our software have two attributes. Call them zuzzles and miffle-snargs. Zuzzles can have associated to them a default miffle-snarg so that when you choose your zuzzle, the miffle-snarg is automatically filled in. The miffle-snarg can be changed, as it happens; the default is just, well, the default.

So here's the beautiful thing about our database. The table that contains all the zuzzles is named mifflesnarg. The table that contains the miffles-snargs is named trouslesnargs.

Yes, they really did call the zuzzle database table the *same thing* as an entirely different attribute which in turn is named something else in the database. And yes, the lack of consistency in pluralization I portrayed above is accurate.

You see why it is probably a good thing that I do not have access to a time machine. It would end poorly for our database's architect(s).


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