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Feb. 14th, 2013 02:00 pm
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Anyone have a particular rec for an Android period tracking app?
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Hy vant to cosplay Mamma Gkika. Hy nawt haff de pretty colour-changing hepidermoose but hy do haff skeen dot look goot mit de turkoys hair and hy haff de fee-gur for eet. Ent Mamma iz de best, who vouldn't vant to cosplay her. Ze iz a Jagergeneral ent ze ran de best dem bar in Europa.

Zo -- here izz referencey-type schtuff for iffen hy ever haff de monies for makink Mamma's dress(es). )
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So I've been rereading Girl Genius to catch up on it -- back last year sometime there were a couple of pages that were uncoloured due to something with Cheyenne, their colourist. The thing is, I have a really hard time reading Phil's art completely uncoloured. Well, okay -- if it was intended to be black-and-white, that's one thing. They tighten it up, and that makes it easier for me to follow what's going on.

Anyway, they still haven't gotten those pages coloured but I finally decided I was going to catch up anyway. But first, I needed to reread it because it's worth rereading periodically and also it's been like five months since I was reading it.

I've caught up!

And omg GIL. GIIIIIIL. Omg. Did -- what did the Baron actually do? Omg. GIL. Meeeeep.

(Normally I would flail about this elsewhere, but, you know, I've been rereading it at work and I really need to flail.)

Also, I still ship OT3. I mean, who reads the comic and doesn't, honestly? *waves her ship flag* I want it to be caaaaanon.

Aaaaaand I want Gil to be okay. Omg. GIL. meeeeeeep.


Feb. 7th, 2013 05:19 pm
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Work's filter got around to blocking freenode's IRC webchat.

I miss Glitch, damn it. I loved the game a lot, and I really liked the fact that I had a way to chat at work on it. Gchat's *also* blocked. >:/
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titanium eyelets
silver eyelets

I want the former so I can adapt my old 18-20g wire dangling earrings without changing their hardware. I'm not sure if the latter is going to have a large enough opening for that in 8g, and I don't plan to size up past 8g. But they're pretty and would be nice to wear in and of themselves, so I want them too...

Oh, to be rich enough to buy all the accessories I want. Earrings and shoes, I would have so many.
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This was my final paper in ENG102. It's not a good paper, really. Well, for an ENG102 paper, it was fine. As an upper division film paper, which is what it was trying to be despite the restrictions imposed on it by being a basic ENG102 paper, it probably would have been a C.

What I'm saying is, it's not brilliant. But it does cover some really damn interesting history in Hollywood, and I learned a hell of a lot more than what even made it into the paper. I should probably write some of that shit out, but in the meantime, here's this.

Anyway, it's under the cut. )
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A couple things: this is definitely not the choice of limited vocabulary I'd probably go with myself for a project attempting to simplify verbage for understandability. But it's interesting to work within.

Also, I made an effort not to oversimplify my syntax which is something I've seen a lot of upgoerfive do -- it's a stylistic choice, maybe, but I think a lot of people are making it unconsciously. And I think it contributes to a sense of condescension, at least to native speakers; it feels like you're being talked to as a small child. Which, I'll be honest, I didn't like that much when I was a small child myself.

Additionally, I defined a few words that aren't in the editor; I didn't use them to further define any other words. I think it's valid because how else do you introduce anyone to expanded vocabulary? But YMMV on that one.

So all that said: an upgoerfive text talking about my work )

Permalink to the upgoerfive editor as proof it passes.
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Whatever I end up thinking of my chemistry teacher (dunno yet, we're not very far into the semester), his preferred method of balancing redox equations is goddamn beautiful and miraculous, because it doesn't involve oxidation numbers and it's fast. Seriously, horrifying and ugly redox equations, balanced in five minutes or less.

Functionally, it's the method described here, with a few tweaks/different order. The way my teacher taught it is, first thing you do after you've balanced your half-reactions except for the H and the O, is balance any charge with H+ (for acidic) or OH- (basic), then you balance the oxygen in the equation with H2O, and balance the hydrogen with H0. (H0 = H+ + e-.) Then you just make sure the H0s cancel out (they should be on opposite sides of the equation) by multiplying by whatever you need to for the LCD and then add the half reactions back together.

And seriously, it's like the idiot-proof method of balancing redox equations and redox is what kicked my damn ass last semester of Chemistry. I'm a convert, seriously.
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so guess who went down with a migraine last night around about, oh, 8pm?

i woke up this morning still with the migraine, rather baffled as to the source of the thing as normally they're triggered and also i haven't had one in months and months and the last one was a contact migraine from a friend rather than my own.

eventually i realised that, oh hey, right side of my jaw's been pissed at me for the past day and a half at least and started poking at my jaw and went holy shit that's a mess. and then i called SWIHA and scheduled an appointment before work and the nice man worked on my face and neck and shoulders and he poked my feet for the reflexology effects but mostly it was my face and neck and shoulders.

my face and neck and shoulders were very sore and achy and misery-inducing afterwards (no, he didn't do a lot of deep pressure, just a lot of working points and energy work and getting the muscles to relax a bit) but on the bright side the migraine had ratcheted down about, oh, 85%! i could be functional indoors without sunglasses and a headscarf!

oh my god though my neck and shoulders and face are a mess what the hell even. my face has never been like this, i do not even know what i did -- i don't clench my jaw so wtf what even. dinner was interesting. though despite the soreness? chewing was still less painful than my meals yesterday were.

i am contemplating drowning myself in a hot tub at my next opportunity, just so i can get my face and neck too. #dreamwidth suggested a snorkel? that could work.

i have scheduled an appt next week at SWIHA as well and i guess i will sort my damn health insurance out and see if i can schedule something with my chiro and... try to take better care of myself. eesh. /o\
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Can anyone tell me what the name of this kind of earring hardware is?

cut for large image )
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I work at a casino resort hotel. We also have five restaurants on property. The hotel and resort are actually independent rather than run by any hotel brands you're familiar with and they're run by the casino (for which reason I have a gaming license, even though I work in the hotel). Sometimes, I get to listen to people who don't really understand how that works.

So, yeah, in the casino, we have a player rewards club, to track people's gambling. It's incredibly helpful demographic information, which is why we do it. As a bonus to you, it means the casino has a good idea what they can comp you because they know for sure how much you've spent in the casino.

I hear from people who are going to our restaurants that we should totally include our F&B revenue in with the player rewards club. I try not to laugh in their faces, but sometimes it's hard.

See, okay, the hotel and the spa and the restaurants, they're all here as lures to get you in the building where the ding-ding-ding noises will get you on the casino floor, where you will spend money. They generally speaking need only break even, although mostly I believe they do generally make a margin of profit.

But, yeah, the thing is, it's a tiny drop in the bucket against the casino. Okay, you spent $500 at our steakhouse? Wonderful! Out of that $500 a good percentage that went to the actual costs of operating the steakhouse so our takeaway was nothing like $500. Compare that to the people who drop $500 a night on the slot machines which is far purer profit, the slots have very few costs involved in running them. (Ps, those people aren't high rollers.)

I mean, it'd theoretically be possible to spend enough money with food and beverage to start mattering to our bottom line, but you'd basically be throwing a party every night at the steakhouse and in that case? The manager of the steakhouse is already taking spectacular care of you.

So, no, we won't ever be tracking F&B dollars with the rewards club. It's a drop in the bucket of our revenue and would be basically a waste of time.

Other things I hear: "I spend $10,000 a year at your casino! You should do X thing that's against your policy for me because of that!" I try not to giggle at them. $10,000? It's adorable that you think that's a lot of money for a casino! It's not. That's not even $1000/month that you're spending. Some of our high rollers' individual bets will run about that. Also, we don't break policy even for our high rollers!

Money becomes play money at a casino, even if you're not the one handling the absurd amounts of money that get processed. Numbers flat out stop meaning the buying power of that much money and just become numbers you keep track of stuff by. It's weird as hell to watch it happen in yourself. It is, at least, pretty much work-centric for me! I go home and my brain kicks back into normal sane world where, yes, $10,000 is a large damn sum of money.

But, yes, the short version is: casinos are not the real world. They are weird as hell, and definitely not in any way the real world. Bringing your expectations of the real world will just lead to culture clash!
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"Those are weird earrings," says one of the men we're checking in, while I'm watching what one of my co-workers is doing to double-check it.

I look up. "Oh, uh, the bluetooth obscures the one," and I take out my bluetooth headset.

"They're, like, wine openers. Don't take this the wrong way," he laughs. "But you got screwed!"

"...they're caduceuses. Like the medical symbol," I say, and turn away from him back to what I was doing.

Because what the fucking hell do you say to that, honestly. There's no right way to take that, creepy guy who thinks it's appropriate to say shit like that to the woman who is serving you in a retail setting.
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Test that bug with cookies and account settings re: sitescheme when you get home to a real computer


Jan. 10th, 2013 09:03 pm
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silver eyelets
silver spiral and quartz leaf


cannot aford, but omg I wants.

maybe next paycheck for the eyelets. pretty sure I can adapt my old 18g and 20g hanging earrings with a nice pair of eyelets. ...the leaves will probably not be happening. it's a fair price, but i can't justify the money. >_>;

(oh look, my capitals have disappeared. fear not, they will return at some point!)
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\o/ I win at gift exchange.

I initially had no idea what to get my co-worker in our secret exchange; I like her quite well, but I don't see a lot of her since she works Concierge, and had little idea what she likes. But someone had the suggestion of a gift basket from Bath & Body Works or something similar; I can't stand Bath & Body Works for long, the scents get to me pretty quickly, but I'd noticed that there's a LUSH store in Chandler Fashion Center when I was doing some other holiday shopping so I thought -- hm, how about I get something that's quality and probably not super chemical-y.

I actually ended up going to the smaller LUSH store in Scottsdale Fashion Square, in the end -- and I give them this, their store did not stink in a way that gave me a headache which is a bloody marvel for a store that sells scented things. And then I got the things to wrap it at Papyrus (because I'm me and I cannot possibly give a gift that's not wrapped attractively with a nice card; look, it's a thing for me and I own it). The end result came out nicely, I dare say!

But, so, it turns -- and I didn't know this -- her mother's British and she herself is a dual citizen, so my co-worker was particularly happy to have received LUSH items. (Also, amusingly, the other secret exchange she had this year also gave her something from LUSH. Hello synchronicity!)
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Over on my professional journal, [personal profile] ftfisher, I've posted up Ask A Licensed Massage Therapist. If you've questions, I'm happy to answer them! (Even if the answer may be "iunno, lemme look that up and get back to you.")
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I work at a casino resort at the hotel front desk; everyone told me New Year's Eve is a madhouse.

Well, okay, the casino's jam-packed, and certainly we had a lot of check-ins. But here's the amazing thing: we were staffed really well for it!

This made for a very chill evening. Especially when I compare it to Labour Day, which was pretty nearly as busy, only we were desperately understaffed: it was just me, my manager (who was the hospitality manager on duty that night, to boot), and the two newest front desk hires. Lovely women, both of them, and they're great, but at the time they hadn't gotten the hang of everything yet. (Our software is... opaque, at times. I say that advisedly, as someone with an ungodly amount of experience with hotel property management software.) This job's hardly stressful (really, any job is hardly stressful comparred to the tech support helljob of 2010), but I got off work the Friday of Labour Day Weekend and had a small meltdown.

So, you know, New Year's Eve? This is nothing. This is amazing. This has been a fantastic workday.

(Of course, I say that being the person getting off in an hour at 2300, before the drunks come out in force. I imagine graveyard front desk may end up having a different opinion than me!)
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It's always really incredibly depressing how excited people with Spanish-derived names get when I pronounce their names correctly. Like, seriously, just out and out excited.

Seriously, Spanish pronunciation is pretty easy. This should not be remarkable. >_>

(And this would be why when we don't have any Spanish speakers available to help us check in Spanish speakers who aren't ESL, I'm the one with my sad and pathetic Spanish, and Google Translate, who manages to stumble through the check-in process.)

o hai

Dec. 16th, 2012 10:54 am
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So, awesomely, I can pull up freenode webchat, so I can have IRC. Also, I can poke at Support as well as anti-spam!

Of course we're out of greens in Support that I can do much with and there's no spam in queue and my eyes will bleed from my skull if I go hunting more SEO spammers, so, you know. Can't do anything much to amuse myself here on dreamwidth, right now. But at least I have options.

(Why, yes, I have been posting more to this account! That would coincide rather neatly with Glitch having gone away and therefore I no longer have my main timewaster to occupy myself with at work.)

Um: school. School is... well, I just checked my grades five seconds ago and holy shit how did I manage a B in my Chemistry lecture, I was barely scraping a C before the final. I mean, I knew did decently on the final and the prof was going to be pretty generous in the grading and the curving, but EVEN SO. I was expecting a C out of that class. Um. Yay? I mean, I will take that B and run, laughing allllll the way, but wow.

Calc was fine! I could've done better, but I could've done worse, too. A B is totally a solid grade in Calc II. And I have high hopes for getting an A in Calc 3 next semseter, I will just have to be on the internet less and do more homework.

And now that that's over with, I need to clean the house and then get my christmas shopping done ahahahaa why do I always wait until the last minute. /o\


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