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2015-09-23 11:28 pm

DCE303 final project survey

Here is a survey for my final project in one of my classes at ASU, DCE303. If you have a few minutes to take it, your participation would be greatly appreciated!

If you have any questions about the survey or the class, please feel free to email me at
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2014-03-09 12:14 am

perfume for whoever might be interested

Owing to how my given name is Felicity, I happen to have a 50mL bottle of the eau de toilette and a 1mL sample of the perfume of this stuff:

Ordinarily, I'd not be giving them away; they were a present which I appreciated the thought and sentiment behind. But unfortunately, I cannot wear them. Most of what I smell from either of them is the horrible chemical "perfume" smell that all traditional perfumes have to me (current working theory: it's possibly a fixative used, since alcohols don't bother me).

So! If anyone would like them, they're free to a good home. If they don't work for you, I'd prefer them to be passed on to someone who does appreciate them; the idea here is, it seems a waste for them to sit, unused, but that's really it. I'll ship them free anywhere in the US; I'm happy to send them farther afield as well, just, depending on what shipping runs, I may ask you to chip in a bit towards shipping.

If you're interested, ping me with a private message, we can sort out mailing details. :)
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2013-11-30 06:32 am

The yearly wishlist.

Sock Dreams gift cards. Gift cards to Dillards. Gift cards to places that sell craft supplies. Gift cards to places that sell books. Gift cards for iTunes. Alcohol (wine, cider, rum, tequila; check with my husband for specifics). Chocolate. Riedel glassware. 8g earrings.
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2013-09-05 11:50 am


Over on my fannish journal, I'm journalling/logging about my experiences with working on my physical fitness and it being an exercise in embodiment for me.

Mostly I'm doing it over there because that's the account I'm actually logged into when/where it's convenient to actually do any journalling. I really keep meaning to do more with this journal but honestly it ends up feeling in so many ways like a mask -- this is the personal journal I allow to be associated with my legal name but really, if I want to talk about stuff it's probably going to be on the fannish journal.

Anyway, if you're very interested in the embodiment thing and don't already know my fannish identity, ping me privately (or comment with a way for me to contact you privately) and I'll probably be happy to let you know where it is. :)
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2013-07-05 10:52 pm

disability isn't something you stop experiencing even if your symptoms remit for a little while

My bad hip has been freaking out because of the swimming. It's getting better, but it's going to be a long slog until the muscles are strong enough that I don't have trouble with that hip again when exercising.

To deal with this, I have been walking with the cane again regularly.

Yeah, guess how that's been going.

"Oh my god, what happened to you?" say the newer co-workers who haven't seen me walk with a cane before.

"Awww, you're walking with the cane again, what did you do?" say the co-workers who have seen me walk with it before.

"I just need it sometimes," say I, unable to shake the training that it is rude to call people out on their rude as fuck shit. I haven't been unable to make snark my default response and yet I also refuse to explain my disability to people whose business it goddamn well isn't, and that's left me with "I just need it sometimes."

I love how my body is up for comment, that my choice in assistive devices is deemed cause by so many for eyebrows and gestures and "What's with the cane?" -- and in fucking accusatory tones, no less. As if I have done something offensive to society by daring to be young and disabled.

I didn't stop walking with the cane regularly because I stopped being disabled. I just had a good stretch where I didn't need it much. But I'm disabled; usually, the cane lets me deal with it better than without.

But sometimes I think the most useful thing the cane could do for me is hit people's shins when they pry into business that isn't theirs.

The absolute fucking hell of it is: swimming is going to probably help a lot. It'll help my overall fitness. And once the muscles get stronger, I'll probably need the cane less often than I had even when I was stable and mostly not using it.

But even then, I won't stop being disabled.

If only people would stop demanding that I explain myself to them for daring to exist while visibly disabled in their vicinity.
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2013-07-03 08:33 pm

further adventures in swimming

Today i swam ~120 meters. It's an improvement? But yeah. I look forward to being able to swim actual distances and not want to diiiiiiiiiiie.

It continues to be fucking weird that I swim best when I relax the most and am not trying to swim hard for distance or whatever. I mean, I get it, I do, but it's. Counter to most of my prior athletic experience. Relaxation is not a good thing in gymnastics. :3
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2013-06-24 11:09 pm


I've been taking swim lessons. I learned to swim when I was very, very young and was a passable swimmer when I was eight or so but as an adult I've found I have shitty endurance and I've known my form was terrible. So, you know, the solution is: find a coach, have them teach me better form!

My endurance is still shitty but things are getting better. One of the things that she hasn't mentioned explicitly but has implicitly a few times, and the thing that has helped the most so far aside from fixing my arms so they're not hideously inefficient, has been relaxing.

It's hard to relax in the water! You're in water! You could drown! You need to keep swimming! You need to do fifteen things at once! But yeah, actually, it makes the rhythm and movements like eleventy million times easier if you're overall relaxed and let yourself move around a bit in the water.

But probably I wouldn't have gotten so far as figuring that out, without someone coaching me. Like, none of this is shit that I couldn't figure out for myself, but -- then again, it is. It's all stuff I know in pieces, not stuff I know how it looks when it's put together.

Once I can swim a couple laps at a time and not want to curl up and diiiiiiie, I'm going to be looking at diving lessons. I was a gymnast once, and I loved the acrobatics. My joints are arthritic and cranky, these days, you know. Diving seems like lots of fun and like it might not completely destroy my joints.
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2013-05-17 04:16 pm

because I was poking at fountains

if/when my house ever needs to replace our current water fountain for the cats, these two caught my eye: Drinkwell Pagoda fountain and Drinkwell 360.

Oh and should we ever acquire a dog, this is a nice looking pet water canteen: Drinkwell Hydro-Go.
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2013-04-29 03:35 pm

in conclusion: makeup is weird

I have been experimenting with makeup, lately. It's been -- interesting, definitely. For a variety of reasons, I don't care for subtle. I want it to be *obvious* that I am wearing makeup, that I have chosen to paint my face. I'm not super keen on conforming to the standard forms of femininity, so my lipstick by preference so far has been black and green.

But I picked up a couple shades of red that are -- well, they're pretty damn bold. One's called This Corrosion, it pretty well IS the colour of rust. The other's Undead Red, which is a dark plum that's almost brown. But they are in the red palette so I can get away with them at work.

The thing that's interesting about that is, my work manual says makeup must be subtle. Subtle? Subtle this is not. And most of the women who work here who wear makeup don't wear particularly subtle makeup.

"Subtle" here actually means close to the established norms of femme makeup. How close? Who knows. I mean, black lipstick would be too far of course. But a painfully obviously unnatural shade of something-vaaaguely-red is A-OK, so basically what the fuck. Beauty standards are completely bizarre.

(The other thing that was disconcerting as fuck was being completely thrown by a compliment on my lipstick. I -- was really deeply uncomfortable with the implication of praise on buckling down and conforming to feminine beauty standards. I, uh. I have some dysphoria on that score, sometimes.)
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2013-04-28 06:22 pm

experiment in lip balm

Going off a recipe I found online, I ended up with this, which makes up 4g and should be a smidge less than your average lipbalm tube, ie a single batch.

~1.6 grams of my own skin blend oil (1/3 avocado, 1/3 walnut, 1/3 coconut)
~1.0 grams of shea butter
~0.8 grams of wax (1/2 carnauba, 1/2 candellila)
~0.6 grams of kokum butter
~1-4 drops of essential oils

Melt the oil and wax and butter in double boiler until the wax is entirely melted, and add in the essential oils. Pour into a tin or whatever, quickly -- the wax will set up pretty fast, actually.

The balm is actually pretty solid once it sets up and probably would be much easier to apply if you poured into an applicator tube, but isn't bad to apply with your finger, at least as a lip balm.

It sits on the skin pretty well while still absorbing which is great if you're constantly reapplying lipbalm, like me.

Next couple of experiments are going to involve reducing the wax a bit and adding more liquid oil for a softer balm; also, probably I will be trying making some shea butter lotion/balms.
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2013-04-04 04:35 pm

cute things, fuzzy things, funny things

I realise not nearly as many people follow this identity as do my fannish pseud, but if you do and you see this:

Cute fuzzy animals, and funny things that are not racist/sexist/ablist would cheer me up immensely. It has been A Day.
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2013-03-21 05:53 pm

(no subject)

logging links to a couple of posts so I don't lose them:

[personal profile] rydra_wong's protein ball recipe that sounds awesome. also, a couple of base recipes for lip balm.

so, does anyone have suggestions for good sources for candelilla wax and shea butter?
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2013-03-08 02:38 pm
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in lieu of having a brain, i have a question for you internets

I have a $50 credit with B&N from purchasing my new Nook HD+ (her name is Cordelia).

So, hey, would anyone care to rec me their favourite Darkover books and/or a best reading order?

Some of the idcandy in there is not for me, some of the idcandy is the idest of candy for me, so (to my recollection, Spell Sword/Forbidden Tower are the ones that were super idcandy for me).

I have asked this before elsewhere but it's been awhile and I don't want to go digging.
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2013-02-28 10:31 pm

(no subject)

Eeesh, it took long enough to dig this up.'s copy of The Pretty Year's really excellent dissection of bra sizes and *why* women are mostly wearing the wrong size:

ETA: Also, have the followup article:, which discusses the math/geometry of bra sizes.
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2013-02-24 07:18 pm

(no subject)

So, you know, since I'm trying to expand my 8g jewelry so I've got more choices and can pair to outfits and mood and whatever, I went wandering through BAF's 8g section and pulled links for all the stuff that caught my eye. This is basically just a wishlist/reference of the kinds of things that I like in earrings -- anything with a * really caught my eye or is something I am planning on picking up eventually. (Some of them's kinda spendy and/or unique so, you know, realistically I'm not going to pick up all the stuff I have starred even over the long haul.)

This gets kinda long, even as text, so: )

And then, for my own reference, I want to pick these up next paycheck if they're still available then: Gold Wisteria.

Oh hey, since I tagged this wishlist, a note in general for anyone who might be looking to give me jewelry:

Organics (ie, horn, wood, etc.) are fine, and so are silver and gold, but stainless steel is best avoided as I'm sensitive to even the high quality stuff.
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2013-02-23 09:29 pm

say hello to my new pretties

solid brass loops with mother of pearl crosses hanging from them

(they haven't arrived yet, but soon they shall. *rubs hands together in gleeful, villainish fashion* my pretties!)
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2013-02-22 02:38 pm


In other news, Ravelry's something I can access at work! I am to be found hereabouts: [ profile] ftfisher (truelove was already taken). And, you know, if anyone that's on Rav wants for intermittent short form realtime contact with me, this is where you want to go.
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2013-02-22 02:01 pm

why this cat is not yet violin strings, i'm not entirely sure

So... not even half an hour had I been home with the bag of knitting before the kitten (not the one pictured in my icon) gotten into the yarn and Made Art. Because the kitten is a freaking walking, purring stereotype who is deeply, profoundly enamoured of wool yarn in particular.

The only blessing is that I got to it before he'd managed to make it an installation across multiple floors of the house. (Our bedroom is in the basement directly underneath the living room.)

Mind you, "the kitten"? Is six years old and about 5.5 kilos. He grew big, but he never grew up. (Miles Harper is his name; we thought we named him for Miles O'Brien (Star Trek) and Roy Harper (DCU) since he's a redhead. Oh but we found out, he's really much more of a Miles Vorkosigan sort of Miles.)

So clearly I need to knit him a damn fuzzy ball out of wool yarn that he IS allowed to trail around with and maybe he'll ever deign to leave the knitting alone? /o\
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2013-02-21 06:04 pm
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huh, apparently you don't forget how to knit

It's been several years since I did any knitting. Which came from me wanting to take a break from the big project I was working on to play with some lace or something and maybe doing a shawl, and discovering that I knit twisted or something, that made more complicated knitting difficult for me to pick up -- and the big project I was working on, I loved the effect I was getting, and I didn't want to completely unlearn and relearn and then go back to it and have to twist my brain around. Net result: I stopped knitting altogether. Siiiiigh.

So anyway, I decided I'd try knitting because I really enjoyed knitting as a way to occupy my hands so my brain can work. I figured maybe a scarf to get used to knitting again, and impulse bought a few skeins of yarn and some needles when I was in Joann's last (to pick up some spray adhesive for another and unrelated project).

I thought I might need to watch some videos to get started again, at least to cast on -- that's how I learned in the first place, from online videos -- but I didn't have any trouble casting on at all!

So apparently knitting is just one of those things that sits in muscle memory even if your brain can't come up with how to do it! Because for the life of me I couldn't have even visualised a cast-on but my hands just went and did it for me.
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2013-02-16 08:51 pm


Lazyweb, oh lazyweb:

For reasons that do not bear exploring at this juncture, I intend to construct an oversized, stuffed tangerine that we can burn in effigy.

So... what sort of fabric should I be looking at? I know a lot of commercially sold fabric is treated to be flame-retardant/fire-resistant, which is obviously not what I am looking for with this particular project.