Jan. 4th, 2013

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\o/ I win at gift exchange.

I initially had no idea what to get my co-worker in our secret exchange; I like her quite well, but I don't see a lot of her since she works Concierge, and had little idea what she likes. But someone had the suggestion of a gift basket from Bath & Body Works or something similar; I can't stand Bath & Body Works for long, the scents get to me pretty quickly, but I'd noticed that there's a LUSH store in Chandler Fashion Center when I was doing some other holiday shopping so I thought -- hm, how about I get something that's quality and probably not super chemical-y.

I actually ended up going to the smaller LUSH store in Scottsdale Fashion Square, in the end -- and I give them this, their store did not stink in a way that gave me a headache which is a bloody marvel for a store that sells scented things. And then I got the things to wrap it at Papyrus (because I'm me and I cannot possibly give a gift that's not wrapped attractively with a nice card; look, it's a thing for me and I own it). The end result came out nicely, I dare say!

But, so, it turns -- and I didn't know this -- her mother's British and she herself is a dual citizen, so my co-worker was particularly happy to have received LUSH items. (Also, amusingly, the other secret exchange she had this year also gave her something from LUSH. Hello synchronicity!)


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