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"Those are weird earrings," says one of the men we're checking in, while I'm watching what one of my co-workers is doing to double-check it.

I look up. "Oh, uh, the bluetooth obscures the one," and I take out my bluetooth headset.

"They're, like, wine openers. Don't take this the wrong way," he laughs. "But you got screwed!"

"...they're caduceuses. Like the medical symbol," I say, and turn away from him back to what I was doing.

Because what the fucking hell do you say to that, honestly. There's no right way to take that, creepy guy who thinks it's appropriate to say shit like that to the woman who is serving you in a retail setting.
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Oh, "boyfriend jeans," let me count the ways in which I have a problem with you:

They're normal jeans that have been cuffed. Why are they not just cuffed jeans? Going from there, we identify the assumption that particular styles of clothing are only bought/worn by men. Which... is demonstrably not true! But this therefore requires that she have borrowed the clothing from a man in her life!

So we then get the assumption that the male she borrowed it from is her significant other which, oh, itself brings the twin assumptions she has an SO in the first place and that that SO is male.

And pretty much none of these are founded assumptions. At all. But they are awfully sexist and heteronormative!

Also? Back to my first point: they're fucking cuffed jeans. They are not special or new or some innovation that requires a new terminology.
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Honest, I'll post the story behind that create-a-recipe contest one of these days.

Right now, I'm sitting here totally creeped out at the Mariah Carey music video I just watched. Putting aside the disturbing content of the song and video both, what was leaving me most creeped out was the fact that Ms. Carey is, like others, approaching the Uncanny Valley from the other side.

Seriously I was watching her going you... you look like a robot. The boobs failing to hang correctly didn't help, but mostly it was that her skin was all plasticine. I mean, not just her face. All of her skin was, and we certainly got to see a lot of it. Now, I don't know how much of that was makeup/etc. and how much of that was in post (less than would be in a still image, probably, but possibly still some of it).

But it doesn't really matter when or how it happened because I ended up with the visceral creeps. I mean I'd actually have been less creeped out if it *had* been a robot.

This is what's attractive? This is our future? I want to opt out, thanks. (Sadly, easier said than done.)


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