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Seriously, this is my life how? My car will not start.

Considering the wack-ass issues the accessories are having (there is, apparently, not even enough power for the power locks to work), and the noise it's making when you attempt to start it, smart money sez: battery.

Fuck the fucking Phoenician sun. This battery is seriously like two years old. Maybe three? Not more than. The sun here fries batteries like nothing else.

The year of hell can end aaaaany time now. Also, Loki, you fucking son of a bitch? You can fuck right off and take your little minion Murphy with.

I should probably try to sleep a little, since I am going to have to be functional and deal with other human beings tomorrow during the daylight. Pfeh.

(At some point I do intend to write up the story behind that last post. I've just been a little distracted by other stuff. Like playing WoW, yay escape mechanism, and trying to keep the house from devolving into a disaster.)


Sep. 6th, 2009 08:05 pm
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So having tackled my closet, washed everything, and pulled out the stuff that I can't or won't wear anymore (I still need to take stuff to Goodwill and/or consignment stores but they're all sorted at least), I went on to cleaning the rest of the bedroom. That was basically today's project.

I got everything tidied, the surfaces wiped down, and the floors cleaned. I didn't get the bathroom cleaned except for the floors getting a basic swipedown. I am totally wrung out and exhausted and I'll probably have to medicate heavily tomorrow if I end up getting called in to work.

Once upon a time I could blitz clean an entire house in a DAY. Including a bit of tidying, yes. I'd be totally, utterly trashed after, but the entire HOUSE would be clean. And the next day I'd be a bit sore and achy and that was it.

Then it was, I couldn't do more than a couple of rooms. And now it's, I can completely clean a single room and that's my sheer end-of-the-line physical limit.

That's disability for you: your physical limits change. And they keep changing. And all you can do is learn to adapt and work around it; you can't fix it, you can't get back to Where You Once Were.

If I don't get called in to work, I'll clean the bathroom tomorrow. That'll be My Project, because after today, I won't have enough energy tomorrow to do more than that and be able to do anything *else*.

At least the bedroom is now clean! I need to find myself a nice rug or a mat so I can meditate down there.


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