Feb. 21st, 2013

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It's been several years since I did any knitting. Which came from me wanting to take a break from the big project I was working on to play with some lace or something and maybe doing a shawl, and discovering that I knit twisted or something, that made more complicated knitting difficult for me to pick up -- and the big project I was working on, I loved the effect I was getting, and I didn't want to completely unlearn and relearn and then go back to it and have to twist my brain around. Net result: I stopped knitting altogether. Siiiiigh.

So anyway, I decided I'd try knitting because I really enjoyed knitting as a way to occupy my hands so my brain can work. I figured maybe a scarf to get used to knitting again, and impulse bought a few skeins of yarn and some needles when I was in Joann's last (to pick up some spray adhesive for another and unrelated project).

I thought I might need to watch some videos to get started again, at least to cast on -- that's how I learned in the first place, from online videos -- but I didn't have any trouble casting on at all!

So apparently knitting is just one of those things that sits in muscle memory even if your brain can't come up with how to do it! Because for the life of me I couldn't have even visualised a cast-on but my hands just went and did it for me.


truelove: an orange tabby cat looking down, to the left, away from the camera (Default)

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